Here are the three shows every kind of personality should be watching based on the (sort of) infallible Myers-Briggs personality test. If you haven’t already, take the test, find your shows and let the binging commence:


Drama: Breaking Bad

You believe in laws and traditions, which is exactly why Walter White’s complicated moral quandaries are sure to rock your world.

Comedy: Louie

Both you and Louis C.K. are dedicated to fulfilling your duties but have to deal with social awkwardness getting in the way. Good thing tragedy becomes comedy when it happens to somebody else.

Guilty Pleasure: Pawn Stars

You like your guilty pleasures practical, and this one’s just as much a learning experience as it is a reality show.

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Personal Opinion:

     Disregard the tv show thing. Just take the test


It’s only three months into 2014, and New York City is seeing an outbreak of measles — a disease thought almost completely eradicated in 2000. The outbreak is centered in northern Manhattan, where five people have already been hospitalized. A dozen more were sent to hospitalsafter an outbreak in L.A. Over half were intentionally not vaccinated.

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watch yourself



America’s first Muslim fraternity may change your idea of fraternities … and Muslims

When you think of fraternities, the first things that usually come to mind are house parties and keg stands, not kufis and prayer rugs. But the brothers of Alpha Lambda Mu — or Alif Laam Meem, as they are also known — are out to change people’s ideas of fraternities, as well as their perceptions of young American Muslims.

ALM, the first Muslim fraternity in the U.S., was founded last year by Ali Mahmoud, a junior at the University of Texas, Dallas. Since then, chapters have opened at Cornell University and University of California, San Diego, and there are plans to expand this fall at San Diego State and the University of Florida.

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Not Muslim … But this Awesome